March Top 5


I can't believe the end of March is already here. It seems like I just did my February Top 5 list. It was VERY hard to pick my Top 5 for the month and as I was browsing for the pictures to put with each recipe I saw so many pictures of food items I still need to post. I ultimately settled on the following.

In no particular order here are my Top 5 eats from the blog this month. If you haven't had a chance to try these yet you must do so soon!

1) No Rise Pizza Crust-I love this because I can make pizza for dinner on a weeknight!

2) Baked Macaroni and Cheese-This was so good we couldn't stop eating it. A new favorite.

3) Meatballs-This is my absolute favorite thing to eat at home and almost the only meal my husband and I prepare together.

4) Secret Ingredient Brownies-I never would have guessed something so simple could make boxed brownies taste so good.

5) Buffalo Chip Cookies-These are the favorite among any sweet treat I take to work. A plate of them can be gone in minutes.

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