Menu Plan Monday


We just returned from a weekend trip and it is so challenging to make myself get back in the swing of things. I find I want to keep my relaxed vacation state of mind so meal planning is especially hard today.

I am slowing trying to use up all the miscellaneous stuff in the freezer so this week will be doing that. We also have a wedding to go to on Saturday so no cooking that night!!

As usual I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. How do they always go by so fast!?!


Monday: Dinner at Mom and Dad's

Tuesday: Sloppy Joe Pizza, salad, and fruit (I am going to use this No Rise Pizza Crust recipe that I saw today...looks easy!)

Wednesday: Thai Chicken Fettuccine, fruit, green beans, jello

Thursday: Baked Creamy Pork Taquitos (I am using pork but the recipe is actually for chicken), salad, fruit

Friday: TBD because my hubby will be at a rehearsal dinner and I don't plan to make an elaborate meal for just myself.

Saturday: Wedding

Sunday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, coleslaw, pickles, chips


Monday: Cereal

Tuesday: Banana Bread

Wednesday: Waffle

Thursday: Breakfast Burrito

Friday: Banana Bread

Other things I plan to do this week:

  • Mix up a big batch of Buffalo Chip Cookie dough and freeze it
  • Make beef broth in the crock pot because we are totally out
  • Find a way to use up two boxes of Pumpkin Pudding Mix...any ideas?
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Comments (6)

Looks like a good menu!

That Thai Chicken dish sounds terrific!

Thanks for sharing your menu...lookin' good.

ooo I just checked out your Buffalo Chip Cookie recipe! That sounds awesome!

Thos buffalo chip cookies looks so good!!! I have choc.chip cookie dough in my freezer right now that has cornflakes in them. But these look better! Your menu looks good.

I love pulled pork! And Sloppy Joe Pizza sounds good too. I'd use the pumpkin pudding in maybe like a pie. Graham cracker bottom, pudding for filling, and come coolwhip sprinkled with cinnamon. :)

I'm putting that Thai Chicken Fettucine into my (next weeks) menu plan RIGHT NOW!

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