Not Perfect


Just so everyone knows that we are almost never close to perfect I had to post this picture of my mishap from Sunday. My friend Kelly and I were making Corn Dog Mini Muffins, we had a perfectly clean pan ready for a great blog picture, got them in the oven, and were patiently waiting for the timer to go off.

With about 4 minutes to go it dawned on me that I didn't put anything in the batter to make it rise. With panic we pulled the hot pan out of the oven, plunked all the little cut up hot dogs out of the scorching batter, dumped the batter into the sink, mixed up new batter, sloppily poured it into the pan and put them back in the oven. AHHH! They turned out a good but what an ordeal. Have you ever had a day in the kitchen like this?

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The last kitchen mixup I did was I grabbed the cinnamon instead of chili powder (in alphabetical order on the shelf) to put in some guacamole. Ish! I no longer use either in my guac.

The time before that I mistakenly used twice as much of an ingredient when making Peanut Butter Balls so I ended up having to make a double batch which worked out but I was dipping balls all night long. LOL. My mom swears my error was no accident as I love PB balls. ;-)

that is too funny! I used to do that more so when I was preggers. One time I remember grabing sugar instead of salt.....honest mistake. :)

Thanks for sharing...makes me feel better about my stupidity :)

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