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Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Ultimate Stand Mixer Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am always looking for the best chocolate chip cookie. I can't tell you how many different recipes I have tried only to be totally disappointed. Right now my two favorite are a recipe from Demarle and the other is from All Recipes.com and called Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I have been trolling the blogs looking for other chocolate chip cookies with high reviews to challenge my two favorites and I came across two that I wanted to try. The first is the Ultimate Stand Mixer Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cookie Madness. I saw this recipe when she posted it back around Christmas and have been dying to try it. It sounded very different from anything I had ever tried.

The next one I wanted to try was The Chewy from Food Network's Alton Brown. I have seen his cookies episode before and have tried The Puffy for my Dad who loves cake-like cookies. Cakey cookies are not my thing at all so it was a true labor of love. I thought it was interesting to have milk in them and kosher salt.

Both of these new recipes had lots of positive feedback so I was totally into this challenge. I made the Ultimate Stand Mixer dough on Saturday so it could sit in the fridge overnight like instructed. I made The Chewy dough on Sunday afternoon just before we left for a Super Bowl party because it was supposed to chill. The recipe didn't say how long to chill though so I gave them about 3 hours. Of course I also had to make one of my current favorites to test it against so I made the Best Chocolate Chip cookie because it didn't need to chill and at this time I was running out of fridge space.

I started by testing all the dough because if you are like me eating the dough is half the fun. I liked the Best Chocolate Chip cookie dough the best because it was more floury which I like. My second favorite was The Chewy. I also had my friend and fellow judge test the dough and her favorite was the Ultimate Stand Mixer dough followed by the Best Chocolate Chip cookie dough. We agreed to disagree and moved on to baking them.

We made four cookies from each batch and sampled all of them as they came out of the oven. We also did one batch with one of each to see if it made a difference tasting them all together while warm. This did change how they were baked, however, since they all cooked at different temperatures. Both ways yielded the same winner and that was our old standby Best Chocolate Chip cookie. We also really liked the flavor and texture of the Ultimate Stand Mixer but for all the extra effort it took to make them I didn't think it was worth it. We didn't like how dark The Chewy got on the outside while still being so gooey on the inside.

After two days of making dough and all our eating effort, a major sugar rush, and a bit of a stomach ache we are back to where we started. I guess I shouldn't keep trying to mess with perfection.

If you are thinking of making cookies I highly recommend the Demarle recipe and the Best Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. You will not be disappointed!

All of our doughs lined up and ready to hit the oven. From left to right Ultimate Stand Mixer, The Chewy, Best Chocolate Chip

All our samples lined up and ready to be eaten.

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