28 Day Challenge Follow-Up


Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

If you remember earlier in the month I jumped on board for the 28 Day Challenge that Organizing Junkie is hosting. I picked three areas in my house that desperately needed tending to. I thought posting the pictures online would make me motivated to organize.

Last week I finally took action on my three spots. I actually got so into it that I picked a few more spots too. I can't tell you how good it felt to get these areas organized. It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I now have the boost I need to do other areas in our house. It also makes cooking much easier because I know exactly what I have and where it is.

I also solved what I call the "only problem in our marriage." The problem was I tend to lay food out on the counter when it is close to the expiration date so that I remember to use it. My husband hated my food display. With all the organizing I did I was able to free up some cabinet space and now I have a staging area. It is a spot to put all the packaged food that needs to be used soon. I love it! I have to admit the kitchen looks much better without my parade of food.

So if my before and after pictures inspire you I say go for it. Pick a few small and defined areas like I did and get busy. You will be amazed at the relief you feel when the spot is clean.

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