I May Regret This...


Organizing Junkie is hosting a 28 Day Organizing Challenge. I was hesitant at first but then I decided to jump in. I know my chances of winning are slim but it still gives me the push I need to tackle a few remaining problem areas in our house.

Also this doesn't have anything to do with cooking so feel free to skip over it if you are only here for the food. Although two of my problem areas are in the kitchen so maybe it counts a little bit as a food post.

The three areas I am going to work on organizing are below. Wish me luck!

This is one cupboard in our bathroom. I rarely use it because it is what I consider my husbands side so misc. stuff gets piled in here a lot.

This is my snack drawer. It is not working at all like I would like. There are so many layers of things that it is hard to tell what we have in there. Also the oyster crackers you see in the plastic tub are at least 2 years old. I doubt anyone is going to eat those!

Finally this is my "pantry" I use the term pantry loosely because it is really just a cupboard. I have been buying stuff from Winco in bulk and that is the reason for all the plastic bags. It is crying out to be organized!

So those are my three problem areas. I will do my best to get them looking AWESOME by the end of the 28 day challenge.

To see other people's problem areas visit Organizing Junkie or comment here and tell me what your problem areas are. Please say I am not the only one with hidden messes!

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