Menu Plan Monday


Today it is sunny and beautiful outside. It makes me crave warm summer days when we eat dinner on the back patio. We are having guests for dinner tonight and if the patio table was a little bigger I would be making everyone enjoy their food outside.

My weekend was super fun and for a reason not most people would not get excited about....we got a new metal shelf unit from Costco for all of my can food stockpile. Lining up all the cans just put a smile on my face.

Now onto my menu plan. I actually started on this early in the weekend for once. I am hoping we can stay on course with everything I have planned. I wish you a wonderful week and thanks for checking out my menu!


Lemon Chicken, twice baked potatoes, peas, fruit

Tuesday: Chicken Ranch Pizza, salad, fruit

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos, Mexican cornbread, salad, fruit

Chicken Strips, sweet potato fries (these are so good I could eat them every day), fruit, cranberry buckle

Picking my parents up from the airport and dinner out! Excited to have them home.

Quiche, biscuits, fruit

Brown Rice and Black Bean Burritos (since we never got to them last week), fruit, veggie TBD


Banana Bread and Smoothie

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Thursday: Breakfast Sandwich

Friday: Cranberry Muffin and Smoothie

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Love your menu. Lots of chicken, my favorite.

Come over and link up to my weekly menu if you like http://www.freeguideforbusymoms.com/weekly-dinner-menu-5/

That is funny.. I didn't even realize we were having a chicken week until I read your comment. I guess chicken is my favorite too.

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