Last night we had four friends over for dinner. I wanted to make sure that everyone had plenty to eat so I made two boxes of spaghetti. This is what is leftover! Can you believe with 6 adults including 3 men that I have this much left!?! I was shocked. My dilemma now is what do I make with all this leftover pasta? I am hoping someone will have an idea for me. If you do please share! I would love to hear your comments or see posts you have done with leftover pasta.

Thank you for the help!!

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I think you can use the spaghetti in tetrazzini. I don't have a specific recipe in mind, but you can Google it. You can use leftover chicken or ham. I think there are lots of variations! Your menu this week sounds great! I'm bookmarking the lemon chicken and sweet potato fries. Yum!

Thank you for the idea. Tetrazzini is a great idea. You will love the chicken and sweet potato fries. I was just picking up the kitchen with my husband and we were talking about how much we love the lemon chicken. It tastes so fresh.

I am going to be doing a pasta dish this week on the blog. Veggie Mac. Maybe I will do it tmrw so that you can see if it works for you! Hope your Monday night was fun!

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