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If you have been reading my blog posts for long you can see a recurring theme-I am always looking for creative ways to use leftovers. I hate to see small bits of vegetables or meat thrown away after our dinners. I know I can always make soup but when the weather starts to get nice soup isn't on my mind. What I like to make then is stir-fry.

I usually pull a little of this and a little of that to make my stir-fry. I always include either noodles or rice, lots of veggies, and a meat. From there the possibilities are endless and there are no measurements needed. I just thrown stuff in until it looks right to me. I usually end up getting carried away with all the veggies and the dish just grows and grows.

Tonight I made stir-fry using the following list of ingredients but like I said above substitute anything you have on hand and take out anything you don't like.

Yakisoba Noodles
Frozen Green Beans (from our garden last summer..woo hoo! I was happy about that!)
Frozen Corn
Frozen Peas
Fresh Pineapple-super good!
Shredded Pork (in the freezer from a previous meal)
Teriyaki Sauce

I usually cook the veggies first while the noodles are boiling (if I use rice then it is while the rice is cooking). To cook the veggies I cut them up into my desired size, usually small and bite size, and toss them in the frying pan. When they reach my desiered tenderness I add the drained noodles, meat, and teryaki sauce. Then I let the whole pan sizzle away until we are ready to eat but usually less than 10 minutes.

This meal come together so quickly and it makes you feel good knowing you are being so resourceful. The next time you have a little bit of this and a little bit of that try this and smile at your thriftiness.

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Yummy! This sounds delish! I usually do fried rice to throw in things we need to use up, but hadn't thought about stirfry.

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