Easter Recap

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I wanted to share with you two of the things I made for Easter that I was very proud of. The first was these cupcakes I saw on the cover of All You. They caught my eye the second the magazine came and I knew they would be on my list of things to make.

There was a few decorating items I couldn't find but I still think they turned out well. What the directions said to use was black string licorice for whiskers, a heart shaped runt for a nose, small M&Ms for eyes, large marshmallows for ears, and small marshmallows for the bunny cheeks. What I couldn't find was the string licorice or heart shaped runts. Granted I didn't go to a specialty candy store as I wasn't willing to make that kind of sacrifice for cuteness. I ended up using regular black licorice that I cut down for the whiskers and large pink sprinkles I had on hand for the nose. Since it started to look too cluttery with the marshmallow cheeks I left them off all together.

Below is a picture of how they look in the magazine and a picture of mine. I have to say they turned out pretty darn cute!

Just to show you how good they were this poor little bunny lost his face to a hungry toddler.

The other dessert I made was this very cool cake. I NEVER make cakes but when I saw this on Picky Palate I knew I had to try it. I varied some from her recipe but not much. What I changed was the frosting and the shape of the cake. To save time I didn't make the homemade cream cheese frosting and to save heartache (when it didn't look right) I skipped cutting the cake into an egg shape.

I took about a thousand pictures of this because I was so happy with it. I think I might take up cake baking. They look so elegant for very little stress.

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Sheena! I was going to post something but this post is way too cute! I don't want to cover it up and take away from people seeing it! Good job! Will post tmrw!

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