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Over last weekend I was on a girls trip with friends to the beach. While we were there we went to a cool shop where we learned how to make chocolate goodies!

We made Sea Foam, Truffles, Turtles, and dipped marshmallows. The last was what I got most excited about because I love marshmallows.

The class started with Sea Foam. Have you ever made this before? It reminded me of making caramel corn. He started with a big glob of corn syrup. Have you ever seen so much corn syrup? I wish I had gotten a picture of it because he measured it with his hand. It was a crazy consistency that I have never seen for corn syrup. Once it was heated to temperature we poured it into pans to cool.

Next was truffles. These fun little molds made it so easy. I think I will get some for home. They make impressive goodies with minimal effort. I wondered how we would get the hollow center for the truffle filling and I was happy with how easy the answer was. First we filled the mold, then we tipped it upside down and dumped all the chocolate out. It felt very strange to dump out all the chocolate we had carefully filled the mold with but it left just a perfect coating on the outside. After this harden we pipped various fillings into them. My favorite was the berry.

Our final activity was caramel. We made Turtles and dipped marshmallows. The caramel was amazing.

When we were all done we left with gobs and gobs of candy and a huge sugar high. It was a great experience like nothing else I had ever done.

If you are reading this thank you for such a fun experience Candice!

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My in-laws own a candy store and it's been neat seeing them make the candy like you described. My husband knows how to do it all, but doesn't make any of it at home. Probably good for my belly, but it's amazing how much candy you can make yourself at home - with the right recipes, of course. Theirs are under lock and key. :)

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