Menu Plan Monday


It is Sunday night again! I can never believe how fast the weeks go. I had a great weekend but as usual it went too fast. We enjoyed seeing lots of friends this weekend which was very fun. I also hosted a bridal shower for a high school friend. I was looking forward to it but I am glad it is over with because it has been so much work getting ready. I think everyone had fun and some people thought the meal was catered which made me feel good.

Last week I was so tired from the bachelorette party that I never got super organized about my menu planning for the week. That was and always is a mistake. It gave me more motivation to kick it into high gear this week. Almost all of my selections this week are something new to us so check back later and I will link the recipes as I make them.

As usual I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I send wishes for a great week!


Monday: Mom and Dad's House

Tuesday: Roasted Chicken with Smokey Apricot Sauce, 5 Minute Artisan Bread, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans

Wednesday: Homemade Mexican Pizza, Fruit, Salad

Thursday: Spinach and Sausage Calzone, Fruit

Friday: Savory Turkey and Two Bean Chili, 5 Minute Artisan Bread

Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner

Sunday: Crab Casserole, Peas, Fruit


Monday: Pumpkin Pancakes

Tuesday: Smoothie

Wednesday: Kashi Breakfast Bar

Thursday: Leftover Pumpkin Pancakes

Friday: Smoothie

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Crab casserole sounds great!

The Mexican Pizza sounds wonderful.
We will be having chili also.

Hey! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday!
Your menu sounds so yummy! I would love to see your Spinach and Sausage Calzone recipe!
God bless!

Thanks for stopping by! I will post the recipe for Spinach and Sausage Calzone this week after I make it. It is new to us so if it is a success it will definitely be added here. Have a great week!

Hi - I found you by way of "I'm an Organizing Junkie" see Crab Casserole in your meal list for this week. Can you share your recipe? That sounds awesome. And I am going to try the pumpkin pancakes very soon, they sound very yummy.

Oh---those pumpkin pancakes look and sound yummy! Hope you have a great week!

The pancakes are amazing. I am thinking of making them again this weekend. As for the crab casserole I will post the recipes later this week after I make it again so that I have a picture to go with it. It is a recipe I grew up eating and one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

I finally got the crab casserole posted! Check it out at http://twogirlsandanappetite.blogspot.com/2010/06/crab-casserole.html

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