Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

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I saw these in a post on Money Saving Mom back in November and have been meaning to try them ever since. Today happened to be the day when all the stars aligned (meaning I had all the ingredients and the time) to make these. We also ended up with last minute dinner guests so it all worked out perfectly.

These rolls were amazing! So so so good and not too hard to make either. They also worked perfectly in my quest to clean out the freezer in time for summer. Don't be scared that these rolls have pumpkin in them. Nobody in our group could even taste the pumpkin and everyone thought they were some of the best rolls ever.

I think the pumpkin makes them so moist and a beautiful color. Also the pumpkin adds lots of vitamins to the rolls...bonus! I felt like the Sneaky Chef.

If you have any pumpkin lingering at your house from this last fall please try these rolls. You will be so impressed. One word of advice-eat them in moderation. They were so good I had three and now by stomach feels like it will explode!

The recipe I used was on Money Saving Mom but it originally came from Tammy's Recipes. If you try these let me know what you think!

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