Menu Plan Monday


Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! For me the season always goes way too fast and I have a very hard time getting back in the mood to do regular things after it is over. For that reason my menu plan is late this week. Honestly I didn't want to even do it at all but I decided to force myself in an effort to come back to reality from my Christmas high. Also, whenever I leave a week up to chance I find we have terrible dinners that are late or we have to eat out. Neither of those options sounded great. So here is my minimal effort meal plan.

Monday: Dinner at Mom and Dad's House (thank heavens!)

Tuesday: Brown Sugar Chicken with rice and peas

Wednesday: Gouda Spinach Quiche (haven't tried this before but I have Gouda leftover from our party so I think I will give it a shot), fresh fruit

Thursday: Dinner out for New Years!

Friday: Family Christmas Party

Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti, bread, salad

Sunday: I hope to re-start a family tradition and go out for pizza. We will see what everyone else thinks. If it is a no-go I will be making Crispy Yogurt Chicken, Oven Fries, and Green Beans. Mmmm that meal actually sounds really good. Maybe I will make it instead of pizza.

Looking at this list I think my side dishes could use some more creativity. Any ideas???

Wishing you luck on your weeks plan!

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