Cooking Class


Tomorrow is another one of my kids cooking classes. I am very excited for the lineup of what we will be making. I will hopefully remember to get pictures of everything so I can post them here. It is easier with the older kids that I have tomorrow to get pictures because they don't need as much help in getting stuff made.

So here is our menu:

1) Mini Monkey Bread
2) Oreo Truffles
3) Stained Glass Window Cookies
4) Ranch Oyster Snack Crackers
5) Chocolate Covered Pretzels
6) Fluffy Hot Chocolate

This might be ambitious for the hour and a half I have the kids but we will see. Hopefully we get through it all especially the hot chocolate. I did a test run with the hot chocolate today for my husband and I and it was super good. He even had two glasses of it!

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