Christmas Cookies Day Two


Well yesterday was day two of my Christmas cookie baking for 2009. The first baking day went very well and we got through 4 of the cookies I wanted to make which included chocolate crinkles, spritz, peanut butter and jelly cookies, and gingersnaps. I also made the gingerbread boy dough and put it in the freezer.

My plan for my second baking day this Saturday was much more intense. We (my friend Kelly and I) started at 9:30 and ended at 3:15. The only break we took was a 15 minute one to eat soup my mom had prepared to tide us over. I will post pictures of what we made soon, all eleven different cookies. One dough is still sitting in my mom's fridge but I think I will roll it out tomorrow after work. So much fun but so exhausting! Worth every minutes of it when people eat and enjoy them at Christmas.

The question is how is your baking going this year and are you as crazy as I am for Christmas goodies?

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