Halloween At Our House

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Halloween at our house was supposed to be a totally different experience than it was but after my friend got sick and my husband hurt his back it was onto plan B. For me plan B is almost always making something new in the kitchen. I don't know what it is but I love to be in there mixing, measuring, stirring, and baking. The only part I don't like is the dishes which is usually where my friend comes in handy because she loves to keep things clean and tidy. She follows behind me as I make a mess doing dishes. I try to tell her she doesn't have to do them but I think deep down it is her plan B.

Now back to Halloween. What I ended up making was Fall Harvest Bread from Good Things Catered blog and Pillsbury Halloween cupcakes which I gave to some of the trick or treaters I knew and then took the rest to work. The Fall Harvest Bread, however, was what stole my heart. It was so good! Everyone should try this before the pumpkin eating season is over. Super moist and delicious even several days later. I served it to my parents on Sunday night and they loved it too. I would have taken some to work but by Monday it was almost all gone.

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