Fun in the Kitchen


Every so often as time allows I teach kids cooking classes through our local community education program. It is so much fun to work with the kids. Totally worth all the time that goes into it once we are there making things together. The time also goes so fast once we get started...it is crazy!

Today was a class for 5-8 year olds so I thought I would share with you what we made. On the agenda was Friendship Soup Mix, Teddy Bear Bread, Apple Pie Snack Mix, and M&M Cookies. I wish I has snapped pictures of everything-especially the soup mix since they turned out cool but at least you get to see the teddy bears. Enjoy a glimpse of what 5-8 year olds can do in the kitchen.

Cookie dough! The kids loved coming to collect the items for their cookies from the front of the classroom. It made so many cookies that I have a huge pan full of them at my house right now that were still baking when the kids left for the night. I think I will take them to work tomorrow.

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