Candy Bar Cookies


On Friday night my husband and I were going to go see Inception but he talked me out of it at the last moment because he thought it would be too scary for me. I have an over active imagination and any type of scary movie always gets to me.

Anyway since we didn't go to the movie I had time to experiment in the kitchen. I had candy bars in the cupboard that I have been wanting to use in something so I thought why not chop them up and stir into cookie dough? I used one of my favorite chocolate chip recipes and divided the batter into fourth.

In the first fourth I chopped up a Twix bar and stirred it in. The cookies turned out delicious with the melted caramel, chocolate, and crunchy pieces. The ones that didn't get wrapped in batter were a little messy but worth it. My husband said these were his favorite.

The next fourth was Crunch Bar. They were much lighter than the Twix version and also very good. The chocolate was soft and creamy and crispy pieces were still light and crunchy.

The third fourth I mixed in M&M's and regular chocolate chips. Who couldn't like those? All perfect and delicious looking. M&M's just make everything better.

The last batch I mixed in.....chocolate chips! I know not very original but after all the mixing and testing I needed a regular cookie to compare them all to. Nothing unique but always delicious.

So after the cookie experiment I think we have a new favorite Twix Cookies! Next time you make a batch of cookie dough try some experiments and see what you think of Twix Cookies.

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