A Beautiful Wedding Cake

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I am just about 3 months from being married to Sheena's brother and I am getting so excited! I am making wedding decisions left and right! It is a lot of fun. I am just about to pick out our wedding cake. We have already picked out the flavor (Strawberry shortcake-see previous post) and now need to decide what it will look like. Do you have any ideas? My wedding colors are pink, peach, and red.

This is a picture from a family wedding that we recently went to. The cake was absolutely beautiful. I loved all the real flowers on the cake. And it was yummy too! I just thought everyone would like to see this. I think all girls love weddings and all girls love desserts. It's a perfect combination of the two!! MMMmmmm.

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What a beautiful photo! Maybe you could do something similar with flowers in your colors!

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