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Can you believe it is time to start another week? The weekends just go so fast. I wish they could slow down so that I could truly have time to enjoy them. Last week's meals were all great with one exception we didn't really like the Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti. It was really rich and way too spicy for me. I actually couldn't eat it at all. My husband ate it but refused to eat any of the leftovers because of how spicy they were. If I was to ever make this again I would have to tone the spices back a bit to fit our preferences.

This week I started making my menu plan on Saturday night. I was quite proud of myself for being so organized.

Monday: Dinner at Mom and Dad's House

Tuesday: Chicken and Stuffing Casserole, salad, green beans

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner-Turkey Sausage Breakfast, Toast, fruit

Thursday: Chili Con Queso Mac, salad, fruit, jumbo chocolate banana muffins

Friday: Possibly friends for dinner or going out to eat

Saturday: Curried Beef Pies, salad, fruit, jello

Sunday: Chicken Noodle Soup, Italian breadsticks, salad (We never got around to having this last week.)

That's all for tonight! Have a super Monday!

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With the cold weather we've been having chicken noodle soup sounds great.

Lots of breakfast for dinner happening this week. What recipe do you use for your chicken and stuffing casserole? Love to know :)

Sound like a good menu plan expecially for chicken and noodle soup its a great time for that with it being a very cold winter

I just discovered orgjunkie and LOVE seeing everyone's menus. I have just started weekly meal planning and look forward to joining next Monday. I also printed out the recipe for Turkey Sausage Breakfast....it sounds delicious. One of my goals is to make a new recipe each week, so this would fit the bill. Thanks. Hope you are having a great evening.

Sounds like a yummy menu!! Thanks for sharing!!

I added a link to the Chicken and Stuffing Casserole...check it out!

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