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This afternoon turned into a cooking/baking one even though is wasn't planned. I wanted to make the quiche which had been on my meal plan for the last two weeks and nothing was going to stop me. I also noticed yesterday as I was sorting through the contents of our fridge that we had buttermilk which had to be used ASAP. I decided a nice coffee cake to end our evening would be perfect.

So right when I walked in the door from work I went to another type of work in the kitchen. I started with the coffee cake which was quick and easy. I will post the recipe for it as long as my mom says it is OK because it is handed down from my Great Grandma. I always think of her when I make it especially now since we are living in her old house.

Next was the quiche. The directions said it would take 1 hour start to finish including baking time.....WRONG! That is assuming you already have pie crust made, bacon cooked and crumbled, onions chopped, and cheese grated. To start I made a pie crust using my mom's recipe. She makes amazing pies that melt in your mouth. The recipe makes enough for a top crust and a bottom crust though so I ended up with an extra crust.....what to do??? Yes I decided I should probably make an apple pie. That is what any reasonable person would do, right??

Anyway back to the quiche. While the crust was baking I cooked the bacon, chopped the onion, grated the cheese, and defrosted spinach. Once all the pieces were together for the quiche I assembled it and put it in the oven.

While the quiche was baking I searched for a crumb topping recipe for my apple pie since I didn't have enough for a top crust. Once that was found I assembled the pie and set it aside to go in the oven once the quiche was finished.

Then, 2 hours after starting, we sat down to dinner. The quiche was amazing! MMM good. Worth all the effort it took to make and put together. I left for the gym while the pie was still in the oven leaving my husband in charge. When I came home I was delightfully surprised at how good it looked. I took a picture, cut myself a piece of coffee cake and settled in for the night.

Now what am I going to do with all that food!?!?

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What are you going to do with all the food?? Send it our way!! haha looks so yummy!

Also, I will have to try that that famous apple pie someday because I keep hearing about it!

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