Cookie Bouquet


Well I am no Bakerella but here is my attempt at a cookie bouquet for my boss who just had surgery. I got the idea when I saw the 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper for Micheal's. I promptly drove in and purchased this fun flower pan and sticks to make the cookies. I am sure I will get better with time but I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself when I took pictures of the finished bouquet.

I made a simple spritz dough to fill the mold and then buttercream frosting. Obviously I need to work on my decorating skills but it is a start.

Hopefully her and her family enjoyed them!

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AWESOME!!! makes a GREAT!!! birthday gift or for a baby shower.

I was thinking the same thing. I was very proud of myself. Especially after I saw how much they cost to order online. Ouch!

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