Comfort Food


This week has been very stressful so tonight on the dinner menu was some of my Grandmother's home cooking. She makes the most amazing spaghetti and it was famous when I was a kid. What's the trick to this pasta? You guessed it...lots of bad for you stuff that tastes really yummy. Her two secrets are #1, use butter when you brown the ground beef and also add butter to the noodles so that they won't stick. Take a jar of premade spaghetti sauce and add to your browned meat. If you can, add onions and garlic at this point if you wish. Secret ingredient #2, add to the sauce...plain white SUGAR. It sounds weird but it makes it really good. And don't be afraid to add a lot but make sure you taste it along the way.

Lastly, make sure you have a lot of leftovers. For some reason this recipe is so much better the second day and heated up on the stove. Enjoy!

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