Seanna's California Shower: Crepeville


Part two of our weekend in California for Seanna's shower. The next day started with a stop at Crepeville for breakfast. We had walked past it the night before and knew we wanted to try it before we left town. It was fabulous! So good in fact we went back on Sunday morning too before leaving town.

I could kick myself for not taking pictures the second day since we ordered different food but that is what happens when you are too excited to eat something you just can't wait.

The french toast was presented beautifully with fresh fruit on a large platter like plate.
How can you not eat something that looks this good!?

The crepe we tried was strawberry. The whipped cream topped with cinnamon along with the fresh berries and berry sauce made this feel like a dessert for breakfast. Rich and delicious.

We also ordered a side of eggs at this meal but the side of scrambled eggs just didn't steal the show. We thought we probably needed some protein though-wise move.

This was a great breakfast treat and I am looking forward to our trip in November for the wedding so I can eat there again.

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I am glad that you posted these pictures Sheena! The weekend was so much fun. Glad I could share this special time with you!

I will get back to blogging soon. In the meantime you can check out my work blog, www.myappleaday.com :)

I want to live in Crepeville! This looks delicious.

Oh it was amazing. I am anxious for the wedding just so I can eat there again!

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