Menu Plan Monday


It is that time again...time for Menu Plan Monday! Where did the week go?!? This next week will be a short one for me because I am headed to Sacramento for my soon to be Sister-in-Law's shower. I am excited to go on a little trip. My hubby will be on his own but with all the food we have in the freezer I think he can survive.


Monday: Mom and Dad's as usual

Tuesday: Pesto Mozzarella Toasted Cheese, tomato soup, fruit (quick dinner because I am getting my hair cut and colored in the evening and I have to get a crown put on my tooth during the day)

Wednesday: Zucchini Pizza, garlic bread, fruit, salad

Thursday: Grilled Steak, buttermilk biscuits, zucchini, cantaloupe

Friday: Off on my trip!

Saturday: California!

Sunday: Heading Home


Monday: Pancakes

Tuesday: Zucchini Muffin

Wednesday: Monkey Bars

Thursday: Smoothie

Friday: Cinnamon Roll

A quick week for me! Hope you have a fantastic week!

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Zucchini pizza sounds like a delicious way to use up some of my excess zucchini!

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