Menu Plan Monday


Oh how I love summer! I spent the day mostly outside with a friend and then washed the car and read a magazine. Perfect relaxing Sunday!

My hubby is home and his camping trip went well from what I can tell. I am so glad to have him back. I didn't sleep well at all with him gone.

On the plan this week are lots of new things that I have been wanting to try but never get around to. I am hoping I can convince my husband to let us stop at the grocery store on the way home from a family dinner tonight so I will have everything I need on hand without having to shop this week. We will see, he is pretty tired and ready to be home.


Monday: Dinner at Mom and Dad's

Tuesday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls, salad, watermelon

Wednesday: Caribbean Chicken, Corn Bread, watermelon, green beans (from our garden!!)

Thursday: Johnny Marzetti, green beans, cucumbers and dressing, fruit

Friday: Perfect Pulled Pork, coleslaw, watermelon??

Saturday: Cornbread Cobb Salad, fruit

Sunday: One Dish Turkey Bake, salad

Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn
Zucchini Bread in the bread maker


Monday: No Cook Muesli

Tuesday: Cinnamon Roll (these are leftover from what I made for my hubby to take camping and they are amazing! They taste just like Cinnabons!

Wednesday: Pancakes

Thursday: Muffin

Friday: Cereal

See more menu plans at I'm An Organizing Junkie. Have a great week!

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I must try that Johnny Marzetti meal. Looks delicious (I checked the link out)--beautiful meal plan.

Wow, those stuffed pizza rolls look AMAZING.

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