Seanna's California Shower: Zocalo


I said in my menu plan post that I would share pictures from Seanna's beautiful shower and also some of the other delicious meals we had while in California. This evening I decided sooner rather than later would be good with these yummy photos and got to work. I realized as I was loading all the photos that this had to be a three part series. So here is post one of our California weekend.

The first night after a long day of driving we went to dinner at a cool restaurant called Zocalo. The food was incredible. We ordered several dishes so we could sample everything.

We started with the shrimp ceviche. So fresh- a great way to start the meal. I especially loved the avocados.

Next up was tacos. Don't these just look beautiful?

Then there was the guanajuato enchiladas. I think this was one of my favorites from the meal. The green sauce was super good.

They also brought us a sample tray of different meats and specialities. On this tray we got to try the carne asada, pork, tamal, and stuffed mushroom. Out of all those foods what do you think my favorite was??? It was the mushroom! I don't know why since I don't even like mushrooms but this one was incredible. Great flavor.

To finish the meal we sampled two desserts. Brownie con nieve and Churros. The brownie was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and coffee sauce. The churro, however, was my favorite. This was like no other churro I have ever tried. It is filled with vanilla ice cream and coated with cinnamon sugar. It is then served with more vanilla ice cream and a caramel sauce. What a way to end the night!

As you can imagine we left the restaurant completely stuffed and had to do stairs at the hotel to try and burn some of the delicious dinner eats off.

If you are ever in the Sacramento area this is a must do.

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