The Best Sugar Cookies EVER!

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I made pumpkin bread from a healthy recipe that only called for egg whites. I couldn't bare to throw away 4 egg yolks so I decided to find a recipe that would use them up. I did a quick search on Allrecipes.com and came up with these little gems.

These were hands down my favorite sugar cookie I have ever made. I should also mention I don't normally like sugar cookies. These were different however- they looked just like store bought and tasted so light. They sort of dissolve the moment they touch your tongue. Amazing! I am going to add them to the Christmas Cookie baking list because I liked them so much.

The sprinkles were not part of the recipe but I got the idea a while back from Cooking During Stolen Moments. I thought it really made the recipe.

If you have egg yolks that need to be used up for any reason this is exactly where they can be put to good use.

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Mmmm...these look so good. The sprinkles make them look so appealing.

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