Pumpkin Baking Day 2010


Last year my friend Kelly and I had a pumpkin baking day. We decided to do it again this year but unfortunately our results were not as good. We started by purchasing pumpkins to cook and puree. That part went OK but the rest of the day was a comedy. We started by making a layered pumpkin bar. They took twice as long to bake as the directions said causing our dinner to get later and later. Once they came out we were so excited to try them but felt disappointed the moment they touched our lips.

Without being discouraged we moved onto the pumpkin brownies. Doesn't that just sound wonderful?? Well they were not. When we took them out of the oven and tried to eat them they were so rich with butter that there was no way to gag them down. We ended up throwing most of what we made away.

The night ended with Kelly dumping her plate of acceptable goodies on our front steps. I laughed so hard my husband made me come inside so I wouldn't wake the neighbors.

So I tell you this in hopes that you will share with me some of your favorite pumpkin recipes that would be worth trying. We plan to have a part two pumpkin day and hope that our efforts will turn out better.

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Oh what a shame. But don't give up, you know next time it will be better.

Thanks for the encouragement :)

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