Feast for the Eyes: Hawaii


For me what always comes after a vacation is vacation food photos. I have selected my favorite food shots from the 400+ photos we took from our vacation. You are just lucky you are not at our house where I would want to show you all of them.

Our first meal of the day is always simple but how can you beat the view? We eat cheerios and OJ on our Lanai.

My favorite afternoon break is a smoothie along the waterfront. Look how fancy they are!

The best dessert of our whole trip was this pineapple upside down cake from Pineapple Grill. AMAZING! We had a friend tell us how good it was and I was skeptical but now I am a believer. Worth the trip to Maui just for this dessert.

This was one of my favorite appetizers prawn and basil won tons at Pacific 'O. The view from that restaurant is incredible! You are practically eating on the beach.

My other favorite appetizer was the crab won tons at Hula Grill. Perfect with my smoothie snack. They serve them with a mildly spicy chili water-perfection!

One breakfast that we did eat out was at The Plantation House. I know I keep saying this but the view from here was incredible too. You are up high looking our over Maui down to the water. The french toast I had was also amazing made with sweet Hawaiian bread.

One of our favorite lunches was at Bubba Gumps. We shared a shrimp platter that came with so much food! All of the different shrimp varieties were amazing but my favorite was the coconut shrimp.

And that is the end of the food photos from Maui. Oh how I wish we were still there. It must be mentioned, however, that at one point my hubby said he missed my cooking! I must be doing something right than-at least in his eyes.

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