Chocolate Marbled Banana Nut Bars


I am down to the wire for my new self imposed rule of a Tuesday post. It has been a busy and eventful day. I am very ready to get into bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep. Before I call it a night, I must share these yummy Chocolate Marbled Banana Bars. They are actually Chocolate Marbled Banana Nut Bars but since I am not a nut fan I left the nut part out.

I decided to make these after cleaning out my pantry and realizing I have several packages of Betty Crocker cookie mix that need to be used up. I also have lots of bananas being stored in the freezer and I want my freezer foods used up ASAP.

These bars were even better than I expected. Very delicious served with ice cream as dessert after dinner. I also noticed they are the award winning recipe from fall 2010, can't go wrong there!

Super easy dessert or even snack bars that will not disappoint.

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