Rich Gooey Chocolate Cake

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How does the week go by so fast? My new goal of posting every Tuesday was all but entirely forgotten until I was laying in bed at 11:00 last night. So better late than never...right?

This cake was something I spotted online when I was researching how to use up cake mixes I have. It jumped out at me because it looked very similar to Black Bottom Cupcakes a friend of mine made for us a few times. They were/are one of my husbands favorite desserts so I figured this was worth a shot. Also who can pass up a dessert with the name Fudge Lover's Cream Cheese Cake?

This turned out so good and gooey which I liked. I served it warm with vanilla ice cream that made it even better. It is a large recipe though so make it when you are expecting company. I took it to a family dinner for 6 and we still had leftovers. The leftovers were ok with my husband since he snacked on them the rest of the week.

I didn't make any alterations to the original Betty Crocker recipe so instead of copying it all down here follow this link. She took better pictures too!


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